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    Practicing Etiquette in Playing Slots

    Playing slot machine is an individual activity that requires little player interactions. But in order to make your game more enjoyable, you should adhere to some etiquette. Here are a few of them.

    Coin Cups Left on Handles or Chairs:

    Generally, when you notice coins or cup on the handles of the machine it implies that the equipment is occupied. They probably went to the bathroom or got some change. In casinos that utilize chinless machines, a personal belonging is placed by a player on the seat to hold it. Out of respect, play in another machine. If you are the one using that machine, you proceed to what you need to do and return to the machine as quick as possible. In some casinos, players can ask slot attendants to watch over the machine as they do their thing. If you asked the attendant to look over your machine, it is customary to give a tip for doing so.

    Playing Multiple Machines:

    Some players like to play multiple machines simultaneously. For some reason they feel the urge to play as fast as possible. During busy times, you should avoid using more than one machine and give other players the chance to play. Some casinos put a sign which reads "One Machine per player during busy times." If you happen to be using two machines simultaneously you should give up the other machine if a player asks for it. Just put yourself in their shoes and you were looking for a machine to use. The same thing happens when the companion of a player who is not playing is seated at the machine next to the machine they are using. Sometimes the companion will not relinquish the machine and simply place a token coin to justify his position.

    Player's Cards Left in Machine:

    Sometimes, players forget their cards after they have used the machine. You will see it when you place your card. The thing to do is simply place that card on the top of the machine. Often players return to the machine they were using when they recognize that they have left their card. The player will quickly find the card if you place it on top of the machine and this will save time for that player to wait in line for another card.


    When smoking is allowed in a casino, if possible place your cigarette or ash tray in such a way that it will not distract another player at a nearby machine.


    Giving a tip is a personal choice that depends on the service you got. When the jackpot necessitates a hand pay by the attendant it is a routine to tip them when they hand you the money. If the jackpot was paid off at once then a tip is necessary. Usually one half to one percent of the jackpot is regarded a fair tip.